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Optimism is no-nonsense. Sound evidence, shared knowledge, and outcome-focused collaboration, liberate us to make the best possible world a reality. What, then, stands in the way of our getting it right?

  • Information access is at all-time highs, but information inequality is putting democracies at risk. 

  • Disinformation threatens to block most people’s access to routine science-based understanding of reality, and that makes all of us less secure.

  • Our industrial civilization is bursting through critical planetary boundaries, putting natural systems at risk, and undermining the viability of the very world we work every day to build. 

  • The high-stakes projects of COVID recovery, climate resilience, and Nature-positive innovation, mean decisions of consequence will be made now that will affect the livability of our societies for generations to come.

Living Futures will be a window onto the shifting sands, elusive ideas, and new tools we must all use to build a resilient future of inclusive prosperity.

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About the Author

Joseph Robertson is:

From May 2013 through December 2018, he published a monthly edition of “The Note”, on sustainable economics and open civics.

Natural systems are inextricably intertwined with human systems. Our health and resilience depends on theirs.

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Building a resilient future of inclusive prosperity


Joseph Robertson
Executive Director, Citizens’ Climate International; Senior Advisor, Sustainable Finance, EAT; Founder, Geoversiv